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July 2014

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ZtoZ is a survival party game about the infectiousness of laughter and acting silly. Players need to impersonate zombies while reading a card and making eye contact with another person at the table. Additionally, players are not allowed to laugh, smile, etc. because zombies have no sense of humor. Players that fail to keep a straight face or fail a passable zombie impersonation are eliminated but not completely out of the game. Eliminated players become part of the zombie horde making zombie noises around the table for the remainder of the game but also facing off again with the remaining players to help the game along.


ZtoZ was thought up and created in 15 minutes after seeing the volumes of zombie and proffer games on Kickstarter a couple of years ago. The rules have gone through a few iterations to make them work with as many groups as possible.


  • Quick game play
  • Keeps eliminated players involved in the game


Kickstarter Intro Vimeo

Overview by Weaponsgrade Tabletop YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "...there were many more laughs from this simple zombie game than I’ve seen in better known party games of the same size"
    - PyroFrog, Epic Slant Press
  • "This game is packed with goofiness and baked into a delicious crust off silly fun."
    - Jonathan Bolding, The Escapist
  • "...really fun and light"
    - Hunter Shelborne, Weaponsgrade Tabletop Youtube Channel
  • "There are so many quick little party card games out there, but this one really is a blast"
    - Robert C Kalajian Jr, The Purple Pawn
  • "[ZtoZ] is great fun."
    - Jacob Wood, IndieHangover
  • "I literally could not stop laughing when I played it"
    - Nicole Jekich, Across the Board Games

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Mind the Gap Studios is an independent tabletop game design studio in Lynnwood, WA, with the goal of making at least one of every type of tabletop game and making those games fun and approachable.

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ZtoZ Credits

Peter Newland
All the roles

Jess Floyd
Artist, Freelance

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks