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July 2015

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Flapjack Flipout is a dexterity race for 2-4 players. All players need to grab a pancake, place it face up on their griddle to see what kind it is, then flip it over once (to cook the other side) and slide it off their griddle onto the table in any organization the player wants to keep. As soon as you think you can fill an order, ring the bell! All play stops and the player that rang the bell must complete the order by revealing the correct pancakes without first looking at their types.



  • Real-time dexterity challenge
  • memory compent
  • a bell!


Gamplay video Vimeo

Gamplay video Vimeo


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Mind the Gap Studios is an independent tabletop game design studio in Lynnwood, Wa, with the goal of making at least one of every type of tabletop game and making those games fun and accessible.

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Flapjack Flipout Credits

Peter Newland
All the roles

Chris Rowlands
Also all the roles

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks