• Time: 5-30 min.
  • Players: 3+ (better with more)

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ZtoZ is a survival party game where you and your friends are seated at a table surrounded by zombies. You'll need to read a card while impersonating a zombie in order to survive.

The catch, is that zombies have no sense of humor. Anyone laughing, smiling, giggling, grinning, or displaying any signs of mirth (or a bad zombie impersonator) is eaten.

Last person remaining at the table wins.



In outbreak, anyone at the table that smiles or laughs during any one vs one face off is eliminated.


During the challenge variant, pick the person at the table you want to face off with instead of always the next person to your left.


During the zombie chorus, the zombies around the table will pick a song to sing with a zombie lead and the rest as back-up. Try some of these suggestions to get you started: the chorus of "California Dreamin'", "Blue Christmas", or the chorus of "Sweet Caroline".


Extra thanks to the following people that helped this game come together:
Kimberly Newland Tim Ellis Melissa Edwards Ryan Burrell Alex Calhoun
Eric Chon Hillary Crenshaw Alex DeMoss Rebecca DeMoss Andrew Federspiel
Christopher Floyd Jess Floyd Ashley Freeman Sanatana Mishra Tim Rurkowski
Colm Seely Sean Willoughby

What people are saying

"...there were many more laughs from this simple zombie game than I’ve seen in better known party games of the same size" - Epic Slant Press "This game is packed with goofiness and baked into a delicious crust off silly fun." - Jonathan Bolding (The Escapist) "...really fun and light" - WeaponsGrade Tabletop "...super short...completely silly...the teenagers loved it..." -The League of Nonsensical Gamers (14:30 mark in the podcast) "There are so many quick little party card games out there, but this one really is a blast" - Purple Pawn "[ZtoZ] is great fun." - IndieHangover ZtoZ is one of Across the Board Games' top 5 Zombie Games Sorry Man, I Farted plays ZtoZ