Welcome to Flappin' Jack's! Have a seat and the server will be right with you... Oh! You’re here about the short order cook position? Right this way!

You and the other players will be racing against each other to fill the most flapjack orders. Grab your griddle and may the best flapjack flipper wins!

Flapjack Flipout is a dexterity race for 2-4 players. All players need to grab a pancake, place it face up on their griddle to see what kind it is, then flip it over once (to cook the other side) and slide it off their griddle onto the table in any organization the player wants to keep. As soon as you think you can fill an order, ring the bell! All play stops and the player that rang the bell must complete the order by revealing the correct pancakes without first looking at their types.

For the print-and-play version, the griddles need to be on a thick chipboard to maintain their shape. For the pancakes, either print out 10 pages and attach and cut them from a medium weight chipboard or, get a set of drink coasters and write the type of pancake on the blank side. Additionally, if you don't have a service bell, simply shout "Order Up!" when you are ready to prove you can fill the order.