You are space pirates and have accepted the annual space pirate challenge. This year’s challenge is to infiltrate a mobile intergalactic museum containing artifacts from the Solar system. The good news is that the getting in was easy and your remote platform controls work perfectly. The bad news is that you only have so much air and suit power and every round you are closer to running out. You’ll need to build a path out of platforms, avoid the traps by collecting items along the way, and get out with the most valuable haul. May the best pirate win!

Game Board (19" x 19")

In addition to the files on the right, you will need (at the minimum) one pawn for each player, a d12 to keep track of the current round, and a marker (like a matching pawn) for each player to keep track of remaining AP. I've provided some markers for the items, artifacts, and charges that can easily be substituted with wood cubes, glass gems, or other components like the change in your pocket.

I recommend printing all of the components and cards on at least a nice, thick cardstock. If you want to really get into it I suggest printing the markers, tiles, and board on full sheet stickers and sticking this to something with a little more weight to it before cutting out them out; posterboard, illustration board, chipboard or other dense, thin cardboard.