• Time: 10-20 min.
  • Players: 1-4


Brightly colored, modified cars are everywhere. The sound of high performance engines fills the night. Your adrenaline seems tied to your gas pedal and spikes with each rev as you line up. Tonight you will show them. In less than 10 seconds you will be the next top racer on these streets.


Project Nos is a real-time racing game. All players roll dice at the same time in a race to be the first to place their matching dice on the track.

The first player to place each of their dice on every track card in sequence wins that race and the first player to win 2 races wins the game!

Whant to get some practice in? Check your solo time:

  • under 15 seconds: master of the streets
  • 15-25 seconds: pro racer
  • 25-35 seconds: amature racer
  • more than 35 seconds: novice racer

In addition to the files on the right, you will need:

  • 3 white d6 per player
  • 5 blue d6
  • 5 yellow d6
  • 5 grey d6
  • 8 red cubes

I recommend printing all of the cards on standard paper and sleeving them with a backing card.